FUTURE of Technology – Girls Programming Network workshop 

Leah Cerinich — Posted on October 16th, 2017

FUTURE on Technology – GPN workshop 


I need to quite honest here, I had no idea what I wanted to do while I was in high school – I managed to change my mind 10000 times when it came to choosing the “ideal career choice” 


It amazes me to see so many students who have an idea of what they want to do & have made a choice to pursue software development as their career choice! It’s awesome! When I was their age, I literally had no idea! 


Yesterday gave me the opportunity to attend the Girls Programming Network workshop as a mentor. 


The morning started off with tutors signing up and introducing each other. I was invited by one of my clients who emphasises everything that Girls programming network represents. 


The day started off with dividing the students into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups by playing games – The students had to answer technical questions in Python. Some of the students were so intelligent it was amazing to witness.


My role was to assist as a tutor in the beginner’s class where the students had build a game in Python v 3 (very like angry birds) I even learnt a lot myself in the process!


The collaboration between the students was phenomenal. It’s an amazing feeling when you get together to solve a problem! 


Whilst on our lunch break I was chatting to school students asking them WHY they have attended the workshop and WHY they find software development so interesting – Majority of them said they like it because they love Maths and solving problems. 


Later in the afternoon, the girls divided into 2 groups, the programming involved non-computer activities because we had to keep the students engaged. 


Honestly I can say that this experience has been amazing and I have learnt a lot throughout the day & a big thanks to Macquarie Group, Atlassian and Freelancer and many more organisations for sponsoring a great day! 


I can’t wait for the next workshop – BRING IT ON! So many young females who aspire to be in work in tech. #girlpower 


See you in February GPN ☺  

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