Growth hacking - the new buzz word for startups?

Leah Cerinich — Posted on February 2nd, 2017

Growth hacking - the new buzz word for startups?


Growth hacking is a process of RAPID experimentation across various marketing channels to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow business. 


So…What is a hacker?? Normally you would associate the word ‘criminal’ with the word hacker but in hindsight, hackers are not just criminals… they are creative individuals and will always come up with innovative ways to attract a specific audience. 


Growth hacking is very multi - functional. Many growth hackers have introduced other elements to the definition - such as vitality, email, social media, SEO and finally digital marketing.


So, how does it apply to recruitment?


Recruiters are marketers... marketers need to experiment with different tactics to create brand awareness and recognition.


What's the strategy? 


As digital talent agent what do we need to do to be ahead of the game…? Ding Ding…. Some serious Growth Hacking!!!


Growth hacking the unconventional way of viral marketing! At MAP Talent we have some ace ideas to reach out to market across various social medial platforms...shhh it’s a secret and in the making for now.


So, to be a successful recruiter/ marketer you always need to apply ‘unconventional’ marketing strategy to attract and retain customers: 


Content creation and blogging - guest posting and endorsements (be crazy/ a little unconventional – but within context) 

Use visuals and infographics

Forums and meetup – be involved with your market 

Lead generation - emails emails emails – always follow up with phone calls, emails and messages.


The list goes on. Be creative! 


Over all, recruitment is in the ‘digital phase’ and with the way tech is booming at the moment… growth hacking is only AT THE START of the digital adventure! 


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