No financial targets at MAP- Changing the way agency recruitment is done!

Paul O'Shaughnessy — Posted on July 16th, 2017

At MAP we have 3 main core values.

  1. "Always do the right thing no matter what"
  2. "Our purpose is to always align somebody that is the right path/journey to their personal drivers"
  3. "Innovation, challenge the conventional recruitment model"

This may sound cliché but our number 1 value is "Always do the right thing no matter what" we have built a trusted agency brand around this belief.

Another core value is that we never influence to our financial gain. We listen to what people want, not what MAP want. Our purpose is to help align somebody to the right path.

Innovation, we have adopted new thinking processes, we feel the recruitment industry is flawed, So we have ran with an approach that isn’t being used in the current Australian recruitment industry and to our knowledge the world.

We have eradicated recruitment sales targets which has had a huge impact on both candidates and client experience when working with MAP. We have took away the pressure that often has a huge effect on the way recruiters perform and the decisions they make. It was a huge risk, it was the unknown but its helped MAP form and build some very strong partnerships with both customers and talent. Most importantly it focused our recruitment services on providing an awesome experience for all involved in the process.

We have changed our whole commercial sales incentive model, in the recruitment industry sales incentives are given against a financial target, recruiters are incentivised and motivated to hit individual sales targets for the agency. This is their main driver; financial gain, commissions and team incentives instead of doing their main purpose, which should be helping somebody to MAP their career goals and help change their day to day life for the better. Instead of “I need to hit MY sales target”.

We naturally by default have values like transparency, honesty, flexibility, partnership which all results in MAP being a trusted digital recruitment agency partner.

As recruiters, it’s important to align people on the path to success, a journey that is personable to them. The job of a recruiter should not be simply placing people making commission, this is how we feel the recruitment industry is flawed and countless times people get burned by recruiters.

That will not happen with MAP. It’s very personal to us, we are always honest at all times and we will assess if this is potentially the right career path to take and provide advice/opportunities around that. We feel we have a duty of care to align people on the right path to success and we take the responsibility of this duty of care very seriously.

Hence the reason for our company slogan; "Success is a journey, we create the MAP"

For MAP, it’s all about innovation and challenging the way conventional recruitment is done. We are looking forward to the future and implementing more innovative recruitment processes.

Finally, I know most of you are thinking, well how do you incentivise recruiters, we do incentivise and give bonuses but this is purely based on customer satisfaction (hiring manager and talent) through the MAP customer survey.

We want our team and agency to be focussing on is this right for the person and the company hiring rather than will this placement hit my target.

Trailing this new commercial model has undoubtably improved customer satisfaction across the board, which I believe is driven from my consultants going into a search with less pressure resulting in a more relaxed attitude and focusing , allowing all attention to be on the end goal "putting people on the right career path".

All of our team are open for a chat or a coffee anytime ... check out our specialist areas with Digital Recruitment on our website. 

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