Sydneys Lockdown 2.0 and how to make the most of it!

Semira Petelo — Posted on June 30th, 2021

If you're in another part of the world you've probably heard it ... If you're living in Sydney then you're living it but here we are going through our first lockdown of 2021 and our second lockdown since the world pandemic! Luckily this time around companies now have the infrustructure for their employees to work at home. 

For some, working at home is relatively easy. Especially for those who only have adults living in their household. For some they have young families or maybe even elderly relatives/friends they need to take care of. All in all it results in the same question ... how am i going to be productive in the middle of this lockdown with my kids/ parents/ partner or friends distracting me!? 

Be easy on yourself, if you havent put a routine in place then we suggest you make one today and try to stick to it...

  • First rule of this routine is BE FLEXIBLE. It's not easy, we know. You're cooped up all day and still trying to stay productive. 
  • Second rule, make sure you have difinitive times. There's nothing worse then saying you'll do something and don't. You need to commit to when you start, when you finish and when you'll have you're break during the day. 
  • Third rule, communicate your expectation with anyone who will be at home with you. Let them know you're times and what you'll be able to do in your breaks. We're lucky, we got rid of the travel times to and from work so you theoretically should have more time to finish tasks (note: 'theoretically'!)
  • Fourth rule, Time chunks. This method will be your best friend. Working at home can be the most productive time. Chunk your collaborative calls and hard tasks in the morning. BREAK. Small tasks in the early afternoon. BREAK. Then the boring meetings in the late afternoon before you .... FINISH. 

There's your day ... before we know it we'll be back out of lockdown and rushing back in to our cities! 

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